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How to installed the Thermal Barcode Printer HS-80B01

How to installed Barcode Printer
this documents suit for Printer model:  HS-80B01 Thermal Label Printer HS-58B05 Thermal Label Printer HS-80B02 Thermal Label Printer
1, Installed the Thermal Barcode Printer Drivers 1.1Open “4BARCODE_7.4.2_M-3.exe” drivers in the CD,
1.2Click next and next until to below images and choose “other”
1.3When you choose the printer model, you can choose “4BARcode 4B-2044A”
1.4When you choose the Printer ports, please choose USB Ports
1.5After you choose the ports, then you can click “next” “next ” until complete
1.6After installed the drivers, If it is still can not Print out,  You can go to Start-------setting  -----Devices----and choose your printer driver name on the printer and scanner lists------choose “Manage”
1.7Choose the Printer property-----Choose Port. you can try choose the USB port one by one after test print until choose right USB port.