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How to register the Nicelabel Barcode software by free

1.Prepare Tools:
a)Nicelabel-Prosuite5.exe Software,
b)Keygen.exe tools to Register it.

you can download the tools on below link
2.Installed the Nicelabel software. Double-click this software name "Nicelabel-Prosuite5.exe" 3.Please keep click"Next" until see "Select the software edtion you want to install" choose the Nicelabel suite.
 4.Choose the "Full installation" Click "Next" until finish installation.
5.After your installed the software, you can open the software and see below window asked for Activation the software.  Please choose the "Activate the package(you have Aleady purchased the Product)" and click "Next"
6.after you click "Next". you can see below windows, please choose the "Single User Software Key"
7.When you can see Manage License window, "Name","Company" "Country" you can type any words and any country. The "Key Number" you c…

Barcode Printer zebra GK888T Drivers

The Barocde Printer zebra GK888T Drivers,

that Printer support windows8 64bits drivers.