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How to configurat the WIFI Mobile Receipt Printer By IE.

Prepare The WIFI Mobile Receipt Printer default setting below:
WIFI Name: "wifi-socket" Default IP address: User name:" admin" Password:"000000"
Tools: WIFI.Printer.PC.exe PrinterDEMOWIFI.apk
1, First, Let yourWIFI mobile receipt Printer power on.  you can find the WIFI name "WIFI-SOCKET" on your computer after a few seconds. If you can find the WIFI Name, you can connect this WIFI name.
2,  Open your IE browser and access the WIFIMobile Receipt Printer IP address "".it will be pop-up a small window. type the user name:"admin"and the password"000000"----Click the "OK"
3, After you loaded it in, you can see below images website. This Wifi Mobile receipt Printer can support two type working mode 1, AP Mode, 2 STA Mode.
What is the AP Mode, AP means Wireless access Point, you can use any computer to connect the this Mobile receipt printer via the WIFI. If you choose this ways, you comput…