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how to choose the portable receipt printer for ipad

How to choose the Portable Receipt Printer for Ipad,

First choose the right interface for your printer 

you can choose the WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 interface Portable Receipt Printer 

What is different between WIFI and Bluetooth interface Portable Receipt Printer

WIFI Portable Receipt Printer is use the LAN to connect with your ipad.

Bluetooth Portable Receipt Printer is use the site to site to connect your ipad by Bluetooth

Second,confirm the printing width. 
Basically, the Portable Receipt Printer have two printing width 2 inch or 3 inch.

If you want to print many character on your receipt, you can choose 3 inch receipt paper.otherwise,you can choose 2 inch printing width Printer.

3 inch receipt cost is more expensive than 2 inch receipt.

Third,choose the printer wether support ESC/POS command

The ESC/POS Command is development standard on the printer industry. a lot of pos APP base on this command development.
If you have the app now, need to choose a best Portable Receipt Printer.
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