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How to fix the driver of thermal Printer fail to install

How to fix the driver of thermal Printer fail to install 
After you install the Thermal printer http:\\ driver, but the "devices and Printer" cannot find out your printer which your installed. now you can according to blow article,
1, open the devices and printer like below images: 2, Click "Add Printer" and choose the " add local printer" Next step.
3,Choose the Prot, and click next step. you should notice that if you printer is USB interface, you should choose the USB port. and what's your printer port, you should choose what's port. 
4,Click the "from disc install"
5,Choose the "Browse"
6,Browse from "My Computer"-"C" Disk---

7,Double-Click the "Xinye Pos Printer Driver"
8,Choose your right OS type"x86 or X64 bits"
9,Continue choose the .inf File and click "open".
10,Chose the "OK"
11,Choose the right Model, If your printer is 58mm Printer, you can choose the …

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