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What are thermal printer

Thermal printer working principle
Thermal printercoreparts for thethermalsheet that there is a row of tiny semiconductorelementcomposition.Whentheseelementsthrough a certaincurrent, the semiconductor willproduce energy. thermal printer use the thermal paper,  the thermal paper coated with a discolored coating, when the discolored coating will be generated a chemical reaction by heat.Since thecoatingmaterialsofdifferentvarieties, so theappearanceofcolors are black, blue, purple and so on.
After the thermal printer receives printing data, the printer will convert the printing data into bitmap Data and then follow point of bitmap data, control the semiconductor element of Printer Mechanism via suitable electric current generate the appropriate temperature. so the print data will be become printing content on thermal paper.
Thermal Printerclassification
Thermal Printer have two type printing methods Thermal Serial Dot System and Thermal Line Dot System. the thermal line is faster than thermal …