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label printer printing unclear

Barcode Printer :   POSET Q8 Desktop Printer  drivers Software: If the label is unclear when you use the Poster Q8 printer,  The most common reason can be summarized as follows:
1, Consumables Matching Problem. Asked your Consumable Supplier about the Matched with your labels and ribbon.

2,Printting Darkness Problem, The Darkness setting demand depending on the consumables. during printing labels, use the print depth (concentration) is too low or too high. , it will be affect the quality of printing content you can check it with your consumables supplier and set the darkness.
Click the “Print” button→Document Properties→Options→Darkness. If the Print head or Platen Roller is smudge, that will be print out is not clear. you can use the anhydrous alcohol Clear the print head and Platen Roller.  If the print content is not improved, Maybe you need to change the Print head and Platen Roller.
4, Hardware's issue 1,If there a partial of Printing contents is not clear, maybe  the Print Head posi…