How to installed the Thermal Barcode Printer HS-80B01

How to installed Barcode Printer

this documents suit for Printer model: 

1, Installed the Thermal Barcode Printer Drivers
1.1   Open “4BARCODE_7.4.2_M-3.exe” drivers in the CD,

1.2   Click next and next until to below images and choose “other”

1.3   When you choose the printer model, you can choose 4BARcode 4B-2044A

1.4   When you choose the Printer ports, please choose USB Ports

1.5   After you choose the ports, then you can click “next” “next ” until complete

1.6   After installed the drivers, If it is still can not Print out,  You can go to
Start-------setting  -----Devices----and choose your printer driver name on the printer and scanner lists------choose “Manage”

1.7   Choose the Printer property-----Choose Port. you can try choose the USB port one by one after test print until choose right USB port.

2       . Installed the barcode software
2.1   Open the CD and double click “BT2016_R3_3094_UL_4Barcode.exe”----choose the right Language

2.2   After you choose the right language, it will be show below images and continued to click next—next until finished.

Please notice that After you installed the software, please choose Help---Edition Selection---Ultralite


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