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HS 591AI Portable Thermal Printer


Do thermal printers need ink?

Thethermal Printers doesn’t need the ink absolutely, the Thermal Printer use the thermal lines to print it, it just need a thermal paper, it will be printing very clear.If you want to know why don’t need ink, but can print the characters on it, you want understand the thermal Printer work principle, What’s the Thermal line type? The thermal Printer working principle is that Heating thermal paper to form text by thermal Printer head. Work process such as below:

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How to installed the Thermal Barcode Printer HS-80B01

How to installed Barcode Printer
this documents suit for Printer model:  HS-80B01 Thermal Label Printer HS-58B05 Thermal Label Printer HS-80B02 Thermal Label Printer
1, Installed the Thermal Barcode Printer Drivers 1.1Open “4BARCODE_7.4.2_M-3.exe” drivers in the CD,
1.2Click next and next until to below images and choose “other”
1.3When you choose the printer model, you can choose “4BARcode 4B-2044A”
1.4When you choose the Printer ports, please choose USB Ports
1.5After you choose the ports, then you can click “next” “next ” until complete
1.6After installed the drivers, If it is still can not Print out,  You can go to Start-------setting  -----Devices----and choose your printer driver name on the printer and scanner lists------choose “Manage”
1.7Choose the Printer property-----Choose Port. you can try choose the USB port one by one after test print until choose right USB port.

How to fix printed messy code from thermal Receipt Printer?

How to fix printed messy code from thermal Receipt Printer?

Q: when I have print the test from app and pc, the printer always printed below messy code, how to do?  Solution: when you meet this issue, there are two situations leadto Printed messy code, 1, when The Printer communication is com ports, the serial Port setting wrong,  it must be keep the two side com ports same setting. 
Printer Series port setting                      computer series port setting
Baud rate: 9600 /Data bits: 8 /Parity: None/Stop bits: 1/Flow Control: None
Notice:  If there Baud rate is different between computer and printer, it will be print the messy code.

2, when you need print non- English receipt, if the code-page setting not right, it will be print the messy code.                                           Code page number in the printer  2.1 you can use the “Printer” tools in you cd with printer box to setting the right code page.

How to connect Cash Register scales with PC software by USB

As USB port of the Cash Register scales is virtual com port, we still connect the scales by com port. We need check the virtual com port number on the pc after the scales connect with the PC by USB.
1, open the Device management to check the Virtual COM port number, it is com4 in my PC.
2,Open the PLU software—communicate setting to set the port com4 and Baudrate 9600.
3, Click-ok, the scales connect with PC software s