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How to Printer the clothes tags on Label Printer

Question: Printed the Clothes tags doesn't correctly. the printer doesn't know the label size. print out like the photos.
1, please ensure that your set the same size with your tags.
2,  Preparing For Tag Printing In tag printing, the tag hole indicates the height of a label. During adjustment, the sensor must therefore be positioned directly below the tag hole as shown in the illustration. The tag hole should be at least 3 mm in diameter to ensure correct functioning. 3, Label size calibration and Self Test Page STEP-01,Check that the label stock is loaded correctly. STEP-02,Switch off the printer. STEP-03,Switch the printer on again, keeping the FEED button pressed. When the READY LED starts to flash red and the STATUS LED lights up orange, release the FEED button. The printer will now measure the label stock and store the label height. STEP-04,Once the printer has successfully measured the label stock, it will print a self-test label.